Week 4 Discussion Question

Breanna I

I am a part of the Blugold Marching Band (BMB) and have been for four years now.  It has been quite an experience to be a part of this group.  Communication within the group can be complicated because each individual person has their own positions on the field.  No two people have the same spot on the field.  So three hundred unique drill position to learn for a 10 minute show so quite an accomplishment.  I think the most effective part of our communication occurs during our preseason camp.  We all meet for a week before the beginning of the school to quickly put together a show.  Our communication during this week works so well because we all want to be their and their is a great atmosphere that encourages everyone to participate.  This group is task oriented but I personally feel that it is a social group in my opinion.  The social aspect and the atmosphere and people that are in this group are the reason I love being a part of the BMB.



Week 4 Discussion

In organizations you have been part of, what communication have you experienced that was particularly effective – be specific. What was the communication and how did it persuade you?

A few years ago I was a member of the Chippewa Valley Girls Choir.  The point of being in the choir was to learn how to blend with the other voices in the group in order to become one voice in the music.  Much like it states on U.S. currency: E Pluribus Unum.  In order to achieve that end our director had us go through the octaves and practice each song until we had it pitch perfect.  That took months of us meeting in two hour sessions two or three days a week.  The meetings encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and try something new.  I made quite a few friends there.  I think that it was just being a member of a Social group which was doing something that I once enjoyed that persuaded me to continue the association for as long as I did.  Music is a form of art and very few are perfect right out of the gate.


Week 4 Discussion

Rochelle M

I joined UWEC’s WisPIRG Energy Service Corps a few semesters ago and had surprisingly great communication with the group for it being on campus. Our group met once a week on campus and we were all constantly emailing each other to keep in the loop.

I would say we were a “Social group” with a  purpose to educate and engage communities around energy efficiency.

We stayed in close communication with the entire group. We were either working on projects together or meeting about a new project we would like to accomplish together. The group wasn’t very big only consisting of maybe 10 members.

What I find was effective though through our communication was how informed we all were. By having meetings and sending emails about our meeting and about our new projects, everyone was aware of what was happening or going to be happening. Also because of our great communication it drove me to continue on with the group. We’ve all been in a group where there is horrible communication and you can’t get out fast enough. But with good communication throughout the group we all were connected and involved, which kept us motivated.

Week 3 Discussion: How do groups communicate verbally and non-verbally?

Verbal communication-the use of speech to get a direct point or idea across to a person

Non-verbal communication-the use of body language, or personal hygiene/dress to get subtle points across to others

In the picture, my roommate is wearing a sweater, indicating that he is cold.  He also has his eyes focused on the book while types on his laptop to take notes, suggesting that he would like to efficiently complete his work.  All of these are non-verbal communication.  The verbal communication would be his asking me questions about things he doesn’t understand, or making statements.  When he asks questions however, he keeps his head down and focused on the book still, meaning he wants the answer only and doesn’t want to diverge from his concentration on his studies, or get on another topic while discussing his work with me.

Week 3 Discussion Question

Breanna I

How do groups communicate verbally and non-verbally?

A marching band is a unique group.  The Blugold Marching Band is composed of 300 members that all operate on the same field together.  Three hundred individual members preform one show.  This takes a great deal of verbal and non-verbal communication.  The non-verbal communication comes mainly in visual cues from one another and also the drum majors who conduct the in front of the band.  Non-verbal communication is mainly reading other peoples body language.  Well in a marching band it is the same concept just instead of reading mainly their facial expressions you are reading their position on the field and their body movements.  Verbal communication starts with the drum majors calling the band to attention.  “Band Attend Hut” followed a very loud “Hut Horns Up” keeps the band together and gets the music started.   From there the verbal communication takes on a different form.  It because more of an audible form of communication.  It has been said that music can be more powerful than words. Through the music itself the band can judge distances from one another and know where they are in the music.  At the same time we are communicating with the audience and the audience communicates back with applause.  It is truly amazing how we are able to communicate such a large amount of information  between so many people.

Week 3 Concept

Social Identity

by Heath Nicholson

Social identity suggests that people have a self-concept of themselves that is largely determined by the social group they belong to. For example, the picture below shows several different social groups, and in those groups the members in general will behave, dress, walk, and talk accordingly to their groups. Just for fun, lets try to see if you can identify these groups (answer key is located at the end of the blog).

Can you guess what social group these folks belong to?

If you guessed number 3 was a hippy, you did well. The social identity theory can be applied while communicating because it can be a predicter how a person will act. In my opinion, this can also be a hinderance because it assigns personalities to people you have not met. For example, if I were to assume the young lady in picture 2 was just a biker and we would have nothing in common, I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to introduce myself. However, if I looked at her and made no assumptions there is the possibility that I would find with a new friend.

Pictures courtesy of:

Jock/Bro – http://thatsstereotypical.blogspot.com/2010/04/just-refresher.html

Hippy – http://unofficialnetworks.com/2011/02/25/hell-week-2/

Biker – http://www.gizmodiva.com/wheels/full_throttle_with_woman_bikers.php

Nerd – http://harkable.com/blog/go-phish-hacking-laid-bare/super-computer-nerd

ANS KEY: 1 – Nerd, 2- Biker, 3-Hippy, 4 – Jock/Bro