Unit 1 Concepts & Examples 1

Rochelle M

Cultural Definition of Communication

ABC News 9/12/12

According to Critical Thinking in Communication, page 8, a definition of communication is one persons thoughts or opinions communicated verbally, visually or written with the intent that the people hearing, seeing or reading it would understand its message, in which they can draw their own conclusions.

Photo by ABC News
Danny Drake/Press of Atlantic City

For example the following article from ABC News about a boy who quit his football team because he wasn’t allowed to wear pink gloves. Now without reading the article or having any background information some may draw conclusions. However the reasoning behind him wanting to wear pink gloves was for his mother who is battling breast cancer. When the coach wouldn’t allow him to wear his pink gloves he quit the team. I believe this is a good example of bad communication. There are many reasons why a boy could be wearing pink gloves so without any other information it would be easy for people in today’s culture to make assumptions. Communication is all around us, whether it is your TV screen, a magazine, or a boy wearing pink gloves on the football field. Everyone is able to make conclusions but sometimes messages can be jumbled in translation. The message Danny Drake was trying to make was that he supported his mothers fight for breast cancer.  It is important to make actions clear when communicating.

The following link goes to the full news article…

Boy Quits Football Over Pink Gloves


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