Interpersonal vs.Mass Communication

By: Shelly F.

Critical Thinking in Communication was the basis for my understanding of these two terms:

  • Interpersonal communication- a conversation/understanding shared between a few people (usually 2 to a small group).
  • Mass communication- the process of creating an awareness between the mass media (news broadcasts, TV, internet, papers) and the audience.

       Follow the link below to see a great example of both and then read the explanation.

       ABCNEWS.COM – Why would a woman post nasty signs targeting a couple across the street?

via Neighbor From Hell? Woman’s Homemade Signs Taunt Couple.

Neighbor From Hell? Woman's Homemade Signs Taunt Couple

The “Angry Duck” picture was obtained from

The initial incidents on the video were between 3 people which each show an unfortunate (and ugly) form of interpersonal communication, but ABC posted the story on their website which brings the issue into the realm of mass communication because anyone can look at the website.  So, what is the difference between interpersonal communication and mass communication?  It’s the same as the difference between a business meeting and a national press conference the size of the audience and the intent behind addressing the audience.


One thought on “Communication

  1. rochellem5 says:

    I like the example you discussed, and I found it as an interesting perspective. I would like to see more of an expansion or more detail in the difference. However the story you posted shows how one thing can go from interpersonal communication to mass communication with a simple interview.

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