Weekly Discussion Week 1 & Week 2

Rochelle M

Discussion Week 1 & Week 2

Week 1 Q

Question:  How does communication influence culture?

Communication influences culture in many ways, for example Hollywood’s presentation of the “perfect women.” However the body type is almost impossible to achieve, media is still pushing this perfect image down teenage girls throats every day. This makes young girls believe they should look the same so in reaction they start to put their bodies in harm’s way to achieve “perfect dimensions.” Even to begin doubting their beauty because of it.  So one way communication influences culture is skewing its image of women to the younger generation. On the other hand communication in culture can be liberating as well, liberation from the “perfect image” that is being pushed. Some may strive to stand out and not blend in with cultures images.

Week 2 Q

Question: How do language & symbols create communication?

Languages and symbols are a large part of communication. An example of this is next time you are walking around campus stop for a few seconds and see how many clothing company logos you see on people’s outfits. Every day we are immersed in communication, companies put their logos on their clothing just for that exact result. They hope you’ll see something and be like…

“That jacket is super cute… oh American Eagle, I’m defiantly going there tonight!”

And without language how would you even know what American Eagle is? Language is a huge part of communication.

(I believe page seven in Critical Thinking in Communication gives a great example of communication in today’s time.)


3 thoughts on “Weekly Discussion Week 1 & Week 2

  1. teampenguine says:

    I think that you brought up a valid concern with your example for the first question. Beauty is generally viewed as skewed toward the younger generation. A lot of people even turn to plastic surgery to “improve” on what they perceive as ugly. In this way communication can influence people to do self-destructive things.
    I also liked the example that you used for the second question. If our clothes have patents and labels then we are essentially walking advertisements. Which makes us sub-conscious models who display various company logos (symbols) without really seeing if from that angle.
    I think that the only area which could use any kind of improvement would be to expand your explanations a bit. Great work.

  2. heathnicholson says:

    A close friend of mine in high school was once influenced by the whole “skin and bone” look, which led to some self-destructive things. I think its sad that some girls think they need to change themselves to be pretty, especially when they are young and don’t really know better. Kids will always try to look like someone they admire, but the more people that communicate to them that they are beautiful as they are – the better!

  3. Breanna I says:

    The idea that you are only beautiful if you are skinny is a very flawed view point that has been communicated to everyone in our society. Yet they don’t always seem to see the other side of the sword. I am a very small person and it causes just as many issues as being large does. Size 5 feet are just as hard to find shoes for as size 13 feet, and most of the time you have to go to the kids section. Also have you ever had someone at the doctor’s office interrogate you about your eating habits and whether or not you have an eating disorder. There really is a whole other side that many people don’t ever consider. They just want to be skinny and get skinny fast so they can feel good about themselves because they have properly molded themselves to societies perceived norms. Make sure to communicate to others who you really are and be yourself. If everyone can do this we can get rid of misconceptions in today’s society.

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