Week 2 Concept Review

Team Awesome – no link..

Team Backpack http://teambackpack.wordpress.com

  • Technological Determinism
  • Media influence on definitions of beauty

Midwest Magnificentswww.midwestmagnificents12.wordpress.com

  • Media Influence on Definitions of Beauty
  • Media influence on definitions of cultural diversity
  • Dominant culture (mainstream culture)
  • Bounded culture (co-culture)
  • Technological determinism

Ninja Turtleswww.teamninjaturtles.wordpress.com

  • Dominant culture
  • Bounded culture
  • Technological Determinism

Every student on the team:

Every student on the team should review each of the five concepts that the other teams wrote about. 

Then post a comment to the facilitator’s “Concept Review” blog entry of your opinion – which definitions and examples were the best.

 Because not all teams have posted concept definitions and examples for all of their concepts, I am having you review FOUR team blogs to compare definitions and concepts. 

 In your opinion comment, indicate for each concept (you will compare definitions for five concepts) – write about which blog you think has the best definition and example for each of those concepts and explain why.

 After your team has posted opinions, then each of you should post one more comment to see if your team can have a consensus (all in agreement) about which definitions are best, and that is what the facilitator will forward to me and the student academic apprentices. 



4 thoughts on “Week 2 Concept Review

  1. rochellem5 says:

    *Media influence on definitions of beauty- I believe this definition is best suited.. “Tendency of media to deem and shape what society finds attractive or unattractive, which varies cross culturally” from (http://teambackpack.wordpress.com/2012/09/14/concept-review/)
    However for the example (http://midwestmagnificents12.wordpress.com/) gives a more clear description.

    *Technological determinism-I believe Team backpack’s will work best (http://teambackpack.wordpress.com/)

    *Media influence on definitions of cultural diversity-Team backpack seems to have a good entry for this topic

    *Dominant culture (mainstream culture)- (http://teamninjaturtles.wordpress.com/2012/09/15/dominant-culture-mainstream-culture) has a good definition and a decent explanation for this term.

    *Bounded culture (co-culture)-Team backpack has a good example but really no definition of the term. However Team Ninja Turtles has a usable definition.

  2. teampenguine says:

    I don’t think that we have much of a choice when it comes to Dominant Culture since Team Ninja Turtles was the only group that posted for it. I also liked their definition of Bounded Culture because there was a stated understanding of what it is in the post. I liked Team Backpack’s posts about media Influence on definitions of beauty, media influence on definitions of cultural diversity, and technological determinism the best because they each had a definition of what each term meant to the author with an accompanying example.

  3. Dominant Culture – Midwest put a new entry up today, and I like their definition a lot: “Where multiple cultures are present, a dominant culture is one that is the largest or most powerful within the group of cultures.” It doesn’t elaborate as much as the Ninja Turtle definition though, so either one works for me.

    Bounded Culture – I will give this one to the Ninja Turtles, I think it’s the only one.

    Technological Determinism – I like Backpack’s definition, the definition is kind of difficult to put into words but they did a good job.

    Media Influence on Definitions of Beauty – The only place I could find this concept was on Backpack’s page. I like the entry but I don’t know if there is a definition in there.

    Media influence on definitions of cultural diversity – I like Midwest’s entry for this concept.

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