Week 1-How does communication influence culture?:

Well, culture is defined as “a learned set of behaviors of a certain group of people” according to our Critical Thinking in Communication book.  This statement would hold to be true throughout the world.  Right now I am actually reading a book called Waterlily, and it is about the Dakota Indian’s history told through a fictional story.  In the book, it is told that it was the tribe’s duty to bring up the children, the duty not falling on any one person.  To do this when a child would do something traditionally not done (for example: hurting one’s brother or sister) the tribe’s people would communicate and tell why not to do it again.  This is how communication influences culture.  For without communication, culture in a sense would not exist since one would not behave as another if they do not agree upon a set of boundary or formalities for their behaviors.

(Picture of the book from: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_WWOxg-AIGD0/Smp51DudNTI/AAAAAAAACDc/9De48N0vMAw/s320/waterlily.JPG)

Week 2-How do language and symbols create communication?:

Though there are different languages and symbols in the world, the many diverse versions have agreed upon meanings.  So no matter where you go, Spanish will remain Spanish, English English, etc.  The only small differences in language would be accents if there are any.  The same would be with symbols, but pictures in general are universal, unless there are plants or animals that are diverse to one place.  So this means as long as they are speaking the same language or are familiar with the text or pictures, you will be able to exchange information or ideas, which is essentially communication.


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