Mass Media as a Cultural Storyteller

Week 2 Concept Review

Breanna I

Mass Media as a Cultural Storyteller

Mass media as a cultural storyteller is any form of media that has a great influence of impact on the modern culture of a society.  In recent years high fructose corn syrup and other chemicals such as BPA is water have made the news.  In most people’s opinions products containing these ingredients are undesirable or even bad for you.  Why is it that most people are avoiding BPA?  I believe it is due to the negative view point stressed in the various news sources.  I found an article from The Washington Times that shows a “possible” link between childhood obesity and BPA in products.  Even though this article and many other only suggest a link between the two entities there had been a lot of movement to remove BPA from consumer products.  This is all because of the effect the mass media has on our opinions.  We automatically connect obesity with BPA because of the article we read and leave out the fact that “suggest” was the word connecting the two.


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