Week 3 Concept – Attraction Theory

Rochelle Miller

Attraction Theory

CBS News  9/20/12

The Definition of “Attraction Theory” is then understanding of why we pay attention to others. Critical Thinking In Communication describes four factors that are attracted to…


For example this article from CBS News talks about a survey that was conducted by Esquire Magazine about the quality in men that more women find sexy than any other is a sense of humor.

This article mentions how people say a sense of humor is  important but then gives a funny example of  it.

“When a fat, balding man walks into a bar, do women’s heads turn as they gasp, “I wouldn’t mind spending some time with that sense of humor?”

Another example of attraction could be when you first meet a super dreamy person and as you get to know them you see their ugly personality and you start to find them less attractive. Same goes the other way, say you meet someone who is alright looking but you start to learn more about them and see their amazing personality, slowly you begin to see that person as more attractive because of their attractive personality.

There are many ways people can be attracted to another person. It is important to know the Theory of Attraction as it is one key when trying to determine why social relationships matter.

Click here for the rest of the article on “Sexy? That’s a Laugh!”


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