Week 3 Discussion

by Heath Nicholson

How do groups communicate verbally and nonverbally?

Whether it be a for sports, a school project, or simply going out to dinner we have all been a part of a group. In groups we communicate both verbally and nonverbally. Verbal communication can be defined as using spoken or written words to send a message. In nonverbal communication, messages are sent by eye contact, gestures, and other forms of body language. The picture below shows a group of students using verbal and nonverbal communication to complete a project.

Verbally, this group is communicating by way of their computers, notebooks, and conversation. While this is going on, they are communicating nonverbally as well. The girl with her head down may be suggesting that they continue to work rather than chat. The man on the left is pointing to his paper and without saying a word, he has communicated that he has a question. While the nonverbal communication in this group may not be as important as another group, say the Green Bay Packers, it is still an efficient way of communication.


3 thoughts on “Week 3 Discussion

  1. rochellem5 says:

    This is a good example of showing non-verbal communication between a group that perhaps doesn’t know each other that well. Like anyone in college, we’ve been paired up in a group of random people and yet we must communicate as a well formed group to finish a project. This was a good angle on non-verbal communication.

  2. teampenguine says:

    I like how you used a situation that pops up a lot for us. We do tend to use a lot of both types pf communication when we do group projects. I don’t think that this needs any improvement. Great work.

  3. Breanna I says:

    Even more so then the study group, the Green Bay Packers have to rely on different forms of verbal and nonverbal communication to win a football game. If the quarterback can’t make eye contact with another player letting him know where he is throwing the ball it may not be caught by the intended person. There isn’t a moment during a football game that the team isn’t communicating between themselves.

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