Week 3 Discussion Question

Breanna I

How do groups communicate verbally and non-verbally?

A marching band is a unique group.  The Blugold Marching Band is composed of 300 members that all operate on the same field together.  Three hundred individual members preform one show.  This takes a great deal of verbal and non-verbal communication.  The non-verbal communication comes mainly in visual cues from one another and also the drum majors who conduct the in front of the band.  Non-verbal communication is mainly reading other peoples body language.  Well in a marching band it is the same concept just instead of reading mainly their facial expressions you are reading their position on the field and their body movements.  Verbal communication starts with the drum majors calling the band to attention.  “Band Attend Hut” followed a very loud “Hut Horns Up” keeps the band together and gets the music started.   From there the verbal communication takes on a different form.  It because more of an audible form of communication.  It has been said that music can be more powerful than words. Through the music itself the band can judge distances from one another and know where they are in the music.  At the same time we are communicating with the audience and the audience communicates back with applause.  It is truly amazing how we are able to communicate such a large amount of information  between so many people.


3 thoughts on “Week 3 Discussion Question

  1. rochellem5 says:

    I like the that you used the martching band. It is a very good example of non-verbal communication, expecially for the people in the band. If they did not know how to communicate with the conductor, they could get off beat. It really shows how there is a constant communication throughout a band performance. Good example!

  2. teampenguine says:

    I like that you used a marching band example for this. They only use enough verbal communication to do what is absolutely necessary and the rest is all non-verbal. One mistake could effect the whole group so it’s amazing that they do so well. Great work.

  3. This is a great example of nonverbal communication. I don’t know a lot about marching bands, but I think its quite an impressive performance. During that performance it looks as though there is much more nonverbal communication than verbal, but I’m sure there is plenty of verbal communication going on as the band prepares.

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