Week 4 Discussion

In organizations you have been part of, what communication have you experienced that was particularly effective – be specific. What was the communication and how did it persuade you?

A few years ago I was a member of the Chippewa Valley Girls Choir.  The point of being in the choir was to learn how to blend with the other voices in the group in order to become one voice in the music.  Much like it states on U.S. currency: E Pluribus Unum.  In order to achieve that end our director had us go through the octaves and practice each song until we had it pitch perfect.  That took months of us meeting in two hour sessions two or three days a week.  The meetings encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and try something new.  I made quite a few friends there.  I think that it was just being a member of a Social group which was doing something that I once enjoyed that persuaded me to continue the association for as long as I did.  Music is a form of art and very few are perfect right out of the gate.



2 thoughts on “Week 4 Discussion

  1. rochellem5 says:

    It sounds like this was a great experiences for you. With a cohesive group it is a lot easier to enjoy the time you have with them and want to be more involved. Where on the other hand sometimes groups do not make such great progress and you are able to tell that by its participation level and other factors. I am glad you used this example with the choir because it is a good example of many different “voices” combining as a harmonious unit!

  2. Breanna I says:

    Art and performance based groups are the best kind in my opinion. Everyone in that group has their own intrinsic motivation, which makes it a much more cohesive group then say your Calculus class. These groups also have great reward and make people feel great about themselves and their accomplishments after the performance is complete. The reason the group is together makes a huge difference in how the group works together.

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