Week 5 Discussion

Heath Nicholson

What is news, how does it affect you, and would you pay any attention to this news if you were not enrolled in CJ105 right now? Be specific in providing a recent example in the news in the past month.

In my opinion news is the reporting of past and current events in the world through any communication medium. I spend at least an hour a day watching, reading, or listening to news. Most of my news consumption would be done regardless of CJ 105. My major source of news comes in the form of sports updates and highlights on ESPN, mostly for entertainment. I also get a lot of news from CNN, FOXNEWS, and MSNBC. These networks provide me with political news that I feel a sense of responsibility to stay current with. For example, because so many individuals have given their lives to protect our right to vote, I feel responsible to make an educated vote in this coming presidential election. Overall, I feel that the news affects me in two ways; providing me with entertainment, and with information about stories I care about.


3 thoughts on “Week 5 Discussion

  1. Breanna I says:

    Your mention of responsibility is interesting to me. It is a different view on the why we are so interested in the news. As a society we are responsible to be educated in more ways then one, including staying current with local and national events. Without our society staying on “the same page” we wouldn’t be able to function together as one. It may sound kind of cheesy but is true.

  2. teampenguine says:

    I like your point of view. As a political science major I learned that over half of the population either doesn’t bother to research the candidates or just buys in with the mud-slinging ads. I don’t think that your post needs any editing. Great work.

  3. rochellem5 says:

    I like your ending statement. Many people today are uneducated about the things going on around us especially in the area of politics. It is refreshing to hear someone with great value and awareness. Knowing what we do today can change our tomorrow.

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