Week 5 Concept

Rochelle Miller
CBS News
October 2nd 2012

Know the 5Ws of a hard news story

  • Who – is it about?
  • What – happened?
  • When – did it take place?
  • Where – did it take place?
  • Why – did it happen

The 5W’s can be used when writing a news story it is important that you tell your reader as much information as possible.
See if you are able to tell the 5W’s from this news lede.

 “UW-Eau Claire students stood outside their apartments in on
University Avenue on Saturday morning at 4 a.m. when a power outage set off the halls fire alarms.”

Who– students
What– stood outside their apartments
Where – University Avenue
When– Saturday morning at 4 a.m
Why– a power outage set off the halls fire alarms

Here is an actual news lede from CBS News. By the first sentence in this news story you should be able to determine what the entire article will be about. It is the goal of the journalist to find out these key facts to relay them to the reader and make it easy for them to determine the content of the article themselves.

Who– Mitt Romney
What– Told a crowd, he doesn’t view his upcoming debate with the President in terms of winning or losing
Where– Denver, Colorado
When– Monday evening
Why– to lay out a choice for voters between two dramatically different paths forward


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