Week 5 Discussion

Rochelle Miller

What is news, how does it affect you, and would you pay any attention to this news if you were not enrolled in CJ105 right now? Be specific in providing a recent example in the news in the past month.

I believe that news is a system of relaying information about what is going on around us. I personally do not pay much attention to news, in hopes to stay positive about the world around us. Some may think I am avoiding the situation, but it is how I choose to go about my days. I have lately paying more attention to news due to CJ 105 which is kind of opening my eyes again that not all news is bad news. So because of it I have been opening up to news more often. However I do see a lot of the bad news in which I would care to overlook, such as the wars going on over seas, and the crime that is so close to home.

An example: I am a professional water skier and was just offered the chance to go water ski in Lebanon for 10 days (Oct 5-15). At first I was totally excited and didn’t even think about anything bad going on overseas to make me change my mind. However when I started listening to the news closer and started doing some research of my own my decision to travel there as a large group of water skiing westerners I was quickly swayed.


3 thoughts on “Week 5 Discussion

  1. Breanna I says:

    I would agree with your thought that most news is bad. It isn’t very captivating to hear about the young man who saved a cat from a tree. The news sells much better when it is a high paced dramatic story whether it be about destructive weather or crime. And lets face it, the news has to sell. If they weren’t able to pull people in with their stories they wouldn’t get paid and be able to continue reporting the news.

  2. teampenguine says:

    I don’t think that most news is bad, but more emphasis is placed on the horrible by the media so I can see where you’re coming from. I like how you used a personal decision as your example. I don’t think that you need to change anything. Great work.

  3. heathnicholson says:

    I understand why you would want to overlook the news sometimes. Unfortunately we hear a lot more of the bad news in the world than the good news. I find it pretty depressing sometimes. For instance, if you were to tune into CNN and it’s not very rare bombarded by one bad news story after another. Sometimes you just have to remember that there is a lot of good out there, we just don’t get to hear about it as much.

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