Week 5 Discussion Question

What is news, how does it affect you, and would you pay any attention to this news if you were not enrolled in CJ105 right now?

To me, news is equated with a system which produces public information.  I always try to read the newspaper when I go home after my classes and I try to catch the 9:00 news on channel 6 every night.  Both sources of media have interested me in terms of impact, immediacy, proximity, prominence, conflict, and emotion at separate occasions.  Some have hit closer to home than others.

In short the news has interested me in all ways except novelty because (let’s face it) everything has happened at least once before and it keeps repeating.  The circle of life is known as a circle for a reason although some try to change the more destructive repetitions with “Do not use…” labels and warnings.  An example of this would be “Do not use snow blower on roof” which implies that someone did it and the “Do not” was added afterward.

A more current example of repetition would be the “Batman” who was charged with obstruction in Petoskey, Michigan.  Apparently, he’s done it before.  (The photo is courtesy of http://www.charter.net/news/read.php?id=17653234&ps=1020&srce=news_class&action=2&lang=en&_LT=UNLC_WINWU00L2_UNEWS).

In answer to the last part of the question, yes I would pay attention to all news that comes my way with the possible exception of certain aspects of the sports category (I can only manage a limited interest in golf).


4 thoughts on “Week 5 Discussion Question

  1. Breanna I says:

    I am really confused about the point you are trying to make in your second paragraph. You mention the circle of life and then immediately start talking about the phrase “do Not..” I am not sure how either of these things are connected or how they even relate to the discussion question.

  2. rochellem5 says:

    This is a good example, and one that I didn’t even consider. I like how you used an example of how the news informs us on “what and what not to do” in a sense. This is a nice perspective on how the news affects us.

  3. heathnicholson says:

    It’s funny to think that for every “Do not” sign there are just as many people that have “Done” whatever it is they are prohibiting.
    You are right about novelty. Whenever I see something on the news that really blows my mind, I’m shocked when the anchor says “This is very similar to the ______ incident back in 19XX.”
    Good post! Also, it looks like Batman could use some antiperspirant after all of that crime fighting!

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