Week 5 Concept: Departments and People in News


Reporters and Editors: Write stories based on their category of news focus; then the later checks to make sure it’s unbiased and the facts are correct

Copy Editors and Page Designers:  Adds headlines, and corrects any grammar/spelling/punctuation mistakes on the story; the later will then lay out the format of the story/graphs/pictures/etc.

Editorial Board:  Picks out letters/emails to form the obituaries, often hire a cartoonist

Photo and Graphics:  Take and sort the best pictures that fit the story; graphs/charts/maps will be made to accompany stories wherever appropriate


   Publisher:  maintains all departments

Production Manager:  Makes sure news gets printed on time

Circulation Manager:  Makes sure news papers get distributed

Advertising Manager:  Oversees the sales of advertisements on newspapers

Editor:  Selects stories/runs newsroom

Managing Editor:  Supervises operation of the newsroom

-Online Editor:  selects news material to put online

~Reporters and Producers:  Adapt stories for online presentation

-Photo Editor:  Chooses images for the news stories

~Photographers and Graphic Artists:  Take photos and creates graphs/charts/etc.

-Copy Desk Chief:  Final say on edits of all papers and the layout of the story

~Copy Editors:  Add headlines, captions, edit papers, lays out the story page

-Features Editor:  Edits all features stories

~Feature Writers and Reviewers:  Writes about lifestyle and entertainment, reviewers are critics

-Sports Editor:  Edits all sports stories

~Sports Reporters:  writes stories about sports events

-City Editor:  Edits local news stories

~News Reporters:  writes stories about local events, crimes, people, government

So Basically, the flow of the news room is that reporters find stories to write about, and photographers will take photos to go along with the story, graphic designers will make graphs, charts, etc. wherever needed also.  The editorial board will also form the obituaries by looking through their mails/emails from the people.  The editor will then make sure the story is correct and unbiased and copy editors will add headlines, captions, and correct grammar.  Page designers will then put the story, photos, designs and obituaries onto the pages of the newspaper then, and mass produce newspapers.

This can be compared to the making of a song.  Songwriters would come up with the tune of the song (reporters), and then the singer/other writers would create lyrics to go along with the song (photographers/graphics designers).  Vocalists and the recorders would then give them tips on how to make the song better, like higher pitch or lower pitch, more dynamics, etc (editors/page designers).  The record company would be like the news station then, and the audience would form the obituary group.


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