Week 5 Concept Definitions

Understand differences between hard news (factual news), feature stories, editorial/commentaries.

Breanna I

Factual news is as it sounds states facts and is meant to inform you about events that have occurred locally or nationally.  This type of news has very little bias or opinion within it.  A good topic in my opinion for factual news is current affairs and is often what covers the front page of a newspaper.  It will often be a face paced styled piece.


Featured stories are what take up the majority of a daily news broadcast.  It is usually about something of public interest such as a detailed accounting of a high school football’s season with interviews of students and staff and has a format more or less like a short documentary film.  In the example I have included the story is trying to educate the audience on financal matters.  As often is the case, a featured story has the intent of educating the public about a particular matter much like a college class.


Editorial or commentary news is mostly the opinion of a particular person or group.  You will generally either agree or disagree with this type of news story.  The topics in this category are generally left up to the audiences or newscasters choice.  As the following example shows topics can drastically vary even within a single paper.



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