Week 6 Discussion

Rochelle M

How would you explain to your parents what public relations is?  Provide an example to help them understand.

If I was to explain public relations to my parents I would define it as the flow of information between a person and others. An example I could use is, if was still in high school and just met a new friend. However she gets herself into some bad situations in and out of school, but when we are together she never pressures me into doing anything bad. One day we get the idea of having a sleep over, yet I know if my parents found out about all the bad things that she does when she’s not hanging out with me they would never let her come over. I decided then to implement some PR, a couple of weeks before our sleep over I make sure to tell my parents all the good things about my friend. Letting them know how nice she is and that she is a good person, so by the time I ask them if she could sleep over they would have no worries about her and would have to say yes.

PR relations in a company are normally to persuade the public, partners, etc. to keep a certain point of view about it.

So by telling my parents all about the good things my friend does and how she is a nice girl, I am using public relations to ensure that my parents maintain a certain view-point about her.


3 thoughts on “Week 6 Discussion

  1. teampenguine says:

    I like your example. This situation of yours is one that we have all encountered at least once. I don’t think that your post needs any improvement. Great work.

  2. Pretty funny example here. I’m sure there are high schoolers all around America picking up on this and putting it to use. It’s a good way to explain how companies promote a lot of the good things they do, and try to sweep the bad things under the carpet. Great work!

  3. Breanna I says:

    This is a good example of public relations behind the scene that we do everyday and may not be aware of it. As a high schooler you now that the opinion of your parents matters so you aim to make sure that their opinion is a good one. Even though you are acting in a public relations mode but are unaware that it is actually public relations.

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