Week 8 Discussion

by Heath Nicholson

Based on the concepts from Unit 2 (see
Concept Book Unit 2) or from the textbook (for example, see page 300), explain
why your most favorite or hated ads had an influence on you. What was it that
worked – or didn’t work?

My favorite ads came from Old Spice – specifically, the “Believe In Your Smelf” commercials with Greg Jennings. There are several things Old Spice did right to make these commercials so successful. First, they picked a great person to build the commercials around. Greg Jennings is phenomenal on the field, but he also conducts himself very well off the field – his actions over the years have tremendously built his fan base.

Second, they picked one of the largest audiences in the nation: NFL fans. According to Nielsen Research, the top ten most viewed broadcasts in 2011 were:

Top 10 TV Programs – Single Telecast                   Rating  Total Viewers (000)
1. Super Bowl XLV FOX 2/6/2011                                37.7     111,041
2. Super Bowl XLV Kickoff FOX 2/6/2011                     23.6      69,666
3. Super Bowl Post Game FOX 2/6/2011                     22.4      66,030
4. AFC Championship on CBS  1/23/2011                   18.6      54,850
5. NFC Championship FOX 1/23/2011                         17.6      51,884
6. AFC Divisional Playoff-SU CBS 1/16/2011                14.8      43,463
7. AFC Championship Pre-Kick on CBS 1/23/2011       13.4      39,473
8. NFC Wild Card Game FOX 1/9/2011                         13.3      39,274
9. Academy Awards ABC  2/27/2011                            12.9      37,922
10. Super Bowl Pre FOX 2/6/2011                                11.9     35,136

The NFL has stolen the show, as they took all but one of the top ten spots (Academy Awards – 9th). There has been a surge in recent years of the “manly-man” advertisements. Trucks, deoderant and body wash, shaving cream and razors, burgers, beer, suits, motor oil – all certainly are manly products. Well, at least products used by men. When will the manly-man themes come to an end? The end remains to be seen, but there is one thing we know for certain: no product is off limits.


Greg Jennings – http://www.brandingmagazine.com/tag/old-spice/;


3 thoughts on “Week 8 Discussion

  1. rochellem5 says:

    I like how you gave actual numbers to show the results of this advertisement, very resourceful! Good explanation as well, good work!
    Shows actually how much work goes into finding a good role model to use for a productive advertisement.

  2. teampenguine says:

    I liked your post. It demonstrates the grip that sports (or at least football) has on American media. It also saddens me to think that we spend such a large amount of money to watch ads endorsed by overly physically fit men whose reputations overshadow the actual products that they seem to support. Great Work.

  3. Breanna I says:

    The detail you provided is impressive. I do like the why they plan on words with “smelf” for Smell and Self. It is definitely a commercial that makes keeps you thinking because you never know what is going to happen next. They certainly keep the audience interested which is good considering the large size of an audience watching and NFL game.

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