Week 8 Discussion

Rochelle M

Based on the concepts from Unit 2 (see Concept Book Unit 2) or from the textbook (for example, see page 300), explain why your most favorite or hated ads had an influence on you. What was it that worked – or didn’t work?

My favorite advertisements are a part of the Shelter Pet Project. These ads are focused on spreading the word that pets in shelters are wonderful and lovable, and encouraging potential adopters to consider the shelter as the first place to look when acquiring a “new best friend.” The technique I believe that is used to make this campaign so successful is (Visual communication techniques in ads that trigger involuntary responses).

 This concept refers to things we see that because of our biological nature or experience, are more likely to gain our attention.

1. Unfamiliar, novel or weird things

2. Visual metaphors, like a snail to represent slow customer service

3. Direct eye gaze

4. Emotion

5. Humor

6. Imitation

7. Sexuality

8. Continuous repetition of cues

9. Narrative or stories we want to see the end to

The Shelter Pet Projects has most of these characteristics in its commercials including: 1. Unfamiliar: at Cat is the lead character and he is talking about a little kid playing in a litter box. 2. Visual metaphors: the cat believes the sand box outside is a giant litter box. 4. Emotion: this project is about finding your new best friend or family member which can be a great emotional experience. 5. Humor: The cat finds it hilarious and gross that this little kid is playing in a litter box and it make the commercial itself funny to picture what a cat may be really thinking about all we do. 9. Narrative: The cat in this ad narrates us through the commercial talking about his new family. These are some eye catching factors for one commercial to have; this is why I believe this campaign is so successful.


2 thoughts on “Week 8 Discussion

  1. teampenguine says:

    I love your example. I think that the animal appeal is very effective to audiences. I don’t think that your post needs any work. Great job.

  2. I see these characteristics in commercials all the time! The only thing I might add is that the cat commercial is also showing characteristic 3, direct eye gaze. Nice work!

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