Week 8 Discussion:  How a favorite or hated ad influenced oneself

My ad is http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/08/mitt-romney-debates-himself-video_n_1949414.html.  This video is about Mitt Romney and his clashing thoughts on promises made.  From the video, I have decided to vote for Obama since the video effectively showed the faults of Romney’s campaign.  Just effectively rewording true information can cause misinterpretation, whether it was meant or not.  Such as if your boyfriend or girlfriend was caught holding hands with someone else and you were told just that part and not that they were holding hands because they were praying together, could cause misinterpretation.  Although I am using misapprehension as an example, it wasn’t used in the video I shared, it just simply reinforced my point about how wording and placing information in different places can change perspective.


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