Week 9 Concept

by Heath Nicholson

Digital Divide, defined based on access to technology

The digital divide is the difference of availability between individuals or groups that are able to access information through technology. For example, the divide can affect businesses that may or may not utilize social media, cultural groups, and even different age groups.

In USA Today, an article by Jesse Washington provided a unique example of the digital divide. He begins by explaining the digital divide that existed years ago, when the internet started becoming more and more intrusive in our lives. At this point in time, Blacks and Latinos were on the wrong side of the divide – significantly less access to the new technology. Whereas now the technology is easier to attain for lower-class minorities, and they have similar access as upper-class individuals do.

One additional topic I found interesting was the idea of the “white flight” documented by Danah Boyd. The “white flight” refers to a large amount of the white population moving from MySpace.com to Facebook.com in 2006 and 2007. I thought this was interesting because this was roughly the same time many people I know, mostly white, switched to Facebook. Washington discusses both of these topics in-depth in his article and covers a lot of interesting information. It’s a long article – but I recommend looking through it!

Article: For minorities, new ‘digital divide’ seenhttp://usatoday30.usatoday.com/tech/news/2011-01-10-minorities-online_N.htm

Photo: http://www.tomorrowtoday.uk.com/wp-images/presentation_summaries/bridging_digital_divide.jpg


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