Week 9 Discussion Question:

Describe an advertisement you have encountered that was personalized to you: What visual or text elements do you recall about the ad, and how did the personalization affect you?

By: Shelly F.

When I was deciding where I wanted to go with my life after high school a commercial for Globe University in Minnesota piqued my interest.  I have a somewhat morbid taste in literature and T.V. shows due to a fascination with the criminal justice system and my desire to become an attorney.  This commercial used the testimony of a successful former graduate, clips of happy people, and legal textbooks to reel me into their ad.  Also, a piano was playing a calming melody in the background throughout the entire ad.  It made me want to check their program to see if the stats and costs of moving were outweighed by the curriculum.  They weren’t, but if I had lived in the general area of one of their schools at the time I probably would have applied there.


One thought on “Week 9 Discussion Question:

  1. rochellem5 says:

    Great example, I am working on a project in my film class that sounds just like this. We are trying to get high school graduates to come to UWEC, and all the things you pointed out that you saw are all key elements in drawing in a target market!

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