Week 9 Concept

Digital Divide, defined based on access to technology

Digital divide is the inequality of information to different groups of people, technology wise this would put things such as newspapers, computers, and phones (basically all the different uses of media) into different groups as to why digital divide is in effect.  Based on the type of media one uses, the information gathered would be different.  Newspapers are a kind of one-time deal for getting information out, since the same stories would not be reprinted; the newspaper ads could be re-posted though.  Even if they were however, mostly the same people would see the ad again since there are more sources of information available today, such as the television or internet.  It is the same with the television as it is with newspapers, but when people want to see something again or look something up, they would normally turn to the internet, so internet ads are a bit more common now.

In the following article, http://cnnradio.cnn.com/2012/10/05/helping-kids-cross-the-digital-divide/, the reporter talks about digital divide being cut down.  Not based on the types of technology offered though, but by how well people know how to use the technology.


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