Week 10 Concept

Rochelle M

CNN News

Effects of Media: Limited Effects

A Theory used when talking about Limited Effects in media: Audiences are stubborn and insulate themselves against contradictory messages.

I believe that an example from CNN News about 2 states legalizing pot, is a good example of Limited effects in media because it presents a pressing topic. Which has strong pro and con sides of the topic. In this article its headline reads.

2 states legalize pot, but don’t ‘break out the Cheetos’ yet

Now this shows that even though a state may have passed the act there are still federal laws that must be navigated through before citizens can legally buy and sell cannabis.

This is where I think it will really come out from the public, where they stick with what they no and are too stubborn to pass such an act. Also I do not think other states will endorse this topic because of some of the states being highly conservative.

Even though the topic of legalizing pot is on subject there will be a large part of the population that fall under the category of being stubborn and insulating themselves.

To read the entire story click here.


2 thoughts on “Week 10 Concept

  1. teampenguine says:

    I liked your example. It shows how the media can influence individual members, but also that those effects are limited. I don’t think that your post needs any work. Great job.

  2. Breanna I says:

    I think it is a good point you make. There can be a highly debatable subject in the news or the community and if the person or people aren’t interested they can just ignore it. They don’t have to think about what the media presents if they don’t want to. It is interesting to look at it this way and make such a huge topic in the media seem almost insignificant.

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