Week 10 Discussion

Which of the five types of convergence media do you understand least – and how does it affect you?

The media convergence that makes the least sense to me is operational convergence, which is where similar companies combine their market into one operation.  This is a good thing in some places, since the companies would save some money by having less staff, and there would be more ideas offered within the company.  The downfall of operational convergence however, is that there is no competition, meaning that the company wouldn’t really have any motivation to work faster/harder since they know their products will be bought since it’s the only company producing that product/service when they’re combined.  Rivalry often bares the best inventions and results of work.  A great example would be war.  War is basically extreme rivalry between countries, and through the war/rivalry is where we’ve received some of the most innovative inventions, such as GPS, radar, and computers.  This obviously affects me because I am a consumer, and through operational convergence, companies are not offering the maximum potential of service and products to me and others.  Walmart is a great example of why operational convergence is not always a good thing, since Walmart also owns Sam’s Club, inviting competition.


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One thought on “Week 10 Discussion

  1. teampenguine says:

    I like how you used Walmart as your example. It shows how far a company can go to reach multiple consumers. I don’t think that your post needs any work. Great job.

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