Week 11 Discussion

How is political speech expressed in social media? Provide some examples that you have seen, or been involved in.

Well, since my artifact presentation was this week and it was on the political freedoms outside of the United States, I have seen quiet a bit of how political speech is expressed in social media.  One of my main focuses of poltical freedom was the use of blogs in China.  Since the Chinese government would monitor the internet, bloggers would use satire and other means to evade the government’s attention.  In the U.S. though, the government doesn’t necessarily monitor political speech on the internet, and there is alot of it on Youtube.  Mainly political expressions on Youtube are video responses or comments to a political video.  Facebook is also a social media where political speech is expressed.  One of my friends wrote on Facebook: “In 4 years, I hope some of you people realize the mistake you made.  When our medical field’s professions are ruined by obamacare and the whole economy is down the toilet,” after the Presidential Election, and he got a political discussion started with his friends who saw his post.


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One thought on “Week 11 Discussion

  1. This is an example everyone can relate to. News Feeds across America were overloaded with critiques of both candidates – I had no idea there were so many political science majors out there! Good post!

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