Week 12 Discussion

Rochelle Miller

To what extent have your CJ105 concept definitions relied on copying definitions from Wikipedia and other Internet sources – is that plagiarism?

Plagiarism to me is an exact copy of ones work. For example word by word.

So with this as my definition of Plagiarism, I do not believe it had been something I have had to rely on. I would say online definitions are more of guidelines into helping understanding a concept and helps to shape your “own” definition of such. Because if you think of it in terms of someone must have came up with the original definition of a certain concept. And with out having it to guide the next person there could be a totally different version of a definition,  potentially then meaning two different things for the same concept. So I believe concept definitions online are guidelines to drawing our own conclusions as to what a concept means to us.


2 thoughts on “Week 12 Discussion

  1. heathnicholson says:

    I like your guidelines idea. I might just steal it for my Week 12 discussion. Ha. But you are right, we need something out there to keep us all on the same page, and “guide” us in the right direction.

  2. teampenguine says:

    I like your idea. However, you should probably mention what influenced your personal definition. I don’t think that your post needs any work. Great job.

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