Week 14 Discussion Question

What rights and responsibilities do you have to protect your privacy on the Internet?

To be honest, I think most if not all of this responsibility falls upon yourself, and not the government or anyone else.  If you do not want something seen on the internet, do not post or let other people get a hold of it; it’s as simple as that.  However, if you would want to protect your privacy on the internet, it’s another matter.  I personally don’t think you can do much about it though because I don’t believe there are any laws in place protecting a person’s internet privacy.  The police can basically check your phone logs, and use GPS on your mobile at anytime they want, so I believe it accumulates to the same thing with internet rights and privacy.  The internet is such a big place though, and it would be kind of hard to specifically track one person down on the internet in my opinion.  Such as in our earlier debate one group was talking about the cyber bullying taking place on facebook.  I don’t think it was right for the people to be bullying the girl, and the site should’ve blocked the images and stopped the bullying though, I mean, they own the website… they should’ve been able to at least do something to stop that if they noticed.  It is a different story if the website had not noticed anything though, I mean Facebook is an international site.  I also don’t really know how the whole Facebook thing works either–is there someone monitering the site to stop bad posts and images?  Is there someone who moniters “predators?”… However, I think people put too much responsiblity on the government/companies.  I mean, aside from internet supervision, do you really think the government isn’t doing anything about all the murders, rapes, thefts, and crimes?  The government doesn’t have enough power to stop all the bad things from happening; but we, the people, somehow think the government should be able to stop each and every bad thing that’s happening.  The government is made up of people just like us, what makes us think they are so different that they can stop all the hurt and bad things from happening?  I am sorry that I diverged from the topic at hand by the way.


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One thought on “Week 14 Discussion Question

  1. teampenguine says:

    I like your point. It demonstrates the difference between the perceived and actual abilities of government. I don’t think that your post needs any work. Great job.

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