Week 15 Discussion Question

By: Shelly F.

Over the past semester, what did you find most interesting, and what was least interesting, about the course?

Over the past semester I found Unit 4 to be the most interesting and Unit 1 to be the least interesting.  Unit 4 was the most interesting for two reasons; first I have a potential career bias because I am trying to become a lawyer so anything to do with any section of law interests me and second because I, like most Americans (we have so many shows like CSI and Law and Order it’s ridiculous), have a somewhat morbid fascination with our system of crime and punishment.  Unit 1 was the least interesting to me because it had little to do with my potential field and the inner workings of the media industry are, admittedly, not as interesting to me as a Supreme Court opinion (which is usually multifaceted).  This is not likely to be among the majority opinion of the class, but readers please make of it what you will.


One thought on “Week 15 Discussion Question

  1. rochellem5 says:

    Great comments on the semester I agree with you unit 4 was also interesting. I too have a fascination with crime shows 🙂 good work!

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