Week 15 Discussion Question

Over the past semester, what did you find most interesting, and what was least interesting, about the course?

I found the rights of the media as well as the ethical boundries of the media to be incredibly interesting.  There is so much that can be discussed and debated about this topic.  There is never a clear line for where the media should and shouldn’t be or even where it is and isn’t.

I wasn’t so interested in the million different types of communication.  In my opinion there are two types of communication, good and bad.   Some people have skills that make communication easy whereas others have a harder time but can easily find ways to communicate their point.  Whether the communication is good or bad there is always some form of communication going on between everyone at all times.  Even as simple as figuring out who is going which direction in a grocery store aisle.


Week 14 Discussion Question

What rights and responsibilities do you have to protect your privacy on the Internet?

You have the right to put nearly anything on the internet however, you also have the responsibility to protect your privacy to a degree that is comfortable to your own beliefs.  The limits on what you can place on the interent are basically libel.  You can’t post anything that is libelous against another person.  The privacy issue is the biggest one her, or at least I think so.  You have the responsibility to be aware of who has access to your accounts and information that could be used against you or be damage your own reputation.

Week 13 Concept Definition

Exogenous Vs. Indigenous Media Productions

Exogenous is from the outside while Indigenous is from the inside of any media story.  If a high school student makes a school record and it is reported in the schools paper then that would be indigenous media production.  The lines get a little hard to define at this point because a town radio station could have a story on the same thing and be defined as indigenous or exogenous depending on where the boundaries of the story are drawn.  An exogenous media production of this story would be that of a neighboring city or school district reporting on the kids achievements.

This article from the Leader Telegram gives an account for local sport scores as well as the scores of games from outside the area.  So in this case the story covers both exogenous and indigenous media productions.

Week 13 Discussion Question

Based on your media log, and the kind of media you use on a regular basis, what are your responsibilities in using media?

Personally, the media I consume the most would consist of online television services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus.  I also use the internet regularly for checking my email, school research assignments and going on Facebook.  I think that my responsibilities for using the media are simply to be able to separate fact from fiction.  I watch a lot of crime dramas like Law and Order:  SVU and Bones among other shows like Dexter, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.  None of these shows are completely factual but there are certainly elements of fact within all of them.  To make the show believable they have to have their scientific facts correct but at the same time they can simplify them or fudge them to make it more accessible to viewers not educated to a scientific field.   Even when you consider emails you have to be able to weed out the emails that are not relevant to you or are simply false advertising or scams.  You much be an educated user and not believe everything you see or hear on the internet or television shows for that matter.  Here is a State Farm commercial that I think illustrates my point.  I honestly don’t think that this man is a French model, but hey that’s what he said online so it must be true.

Week 12 Discussion Question

To what extent have your CJ105 concept definitions relied on copying definitions from Wikipedia and other Internet sources – is that plagiarism?

I think it is really hard to define plagiarism specifically but to me it would be the intentional use of someone else’s work as your own.  I have often wondered how plagiarism can be policed because it is very possible that two people can come to the same conclusion or opinion about a topic and write incredibly similar articles or stories, etc. on one topic.  For example there were many scientist that have developed the same ideas and theories on their own without knowing anything about the other person or even knowing they were working on it.  So if one person publishes his work first and the second goes to publish his own individual work it certainly isn’t plagiarism even though he is publishing the same thing.  I also wonder to because if you read an interesting article a year ago about a certain topic and then have to write a paper about the same topic you might end up quoting that article very closely without even remembering you have read that article.  So in my opinion plagiarism is a touchy and difficult topic to define and I have never purposely plagiarized someone’s material but I have certainly taken thoughts or ideas and modified them to fit my own ideas and needs.

Week 12 Concept Definition

First Amendment Rights: 2001 U.S. Patriot Act

The Patriot Act was a direct and sudden response to the terrorist attacks on the US in 2001.  It was a very fast process during which the act was written and passed as law.  Because of this hast many people feel that there were many violations of our First Amendment rights as citizens of the US.  Our first amendment rights are guaranteed to us no matter what simply because we are citizens of the US.  This is very important to people because as soon as one of these rights is altered or modified it opens the door to have many more opportunities to limit the right of the citizens of the US.  I found an article discussing how certain parts of the Patriot Act were ruled unconstitutional and I don’t think that they were intentionally put in the act as a way to limit our rights.  I believe that it was simply, in hast of our reaction to the attacks on our country the government put the security of our nation at a higher level than the rights of each individual.  Our first amendment rights are what define us as a country and will continue to be preserved as long as we are the United States of America.

Week 11 Discussion Question

How is political speech expressed in social media? Provide some examples that you have seen, or been involved in.

I feel that many people use social media as an outlet of some sort.  It is definitely used as an outlet for political opinions during the election season.  What I find interesting with what I see about political social media comments and statuses is that they are often rash and not thought through.  If you are using a commercial media source such as television or newspapers, etc. you are much more likely to think through what you are stating before you just throw it out there.  However, social media is a very spontaneous medium that allows people to post their thoughts as they scroll through their heads.  I think that this change into a more spontaneous form can cause complications as well as provide a more real outlet for thoughts.  This way people can say exactly what they are think but at the same time such thoughts can cause conflict between friends.